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The Institute of Architectural Garments

Mbalenhle Vilakazi



Eric Charles Wright, Claudia Morgado, Mikara Naidoo


13 - L A T I T U D E


Garments can both metaphorically and literally bear the imprint of its wearers as objects that have been worn, carried or used to adorn their persons. While also depending on the way of dressing the garment, its style, fabric, texture and other garment-making methods, garments also signify Identity, dignity and authority.

The project investigates the idea of cultural norm and hierarchy as a construct that is beginning to dematerialize, a resistance and enquiry around the concept of uniformity in architecture. Uniformity from the most literal sense of clothing, to that of the built form, as a strategy to control and force order.

The collection of works aims to make graphical remarks that, in each work reveal an enquiry in Architecture.