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Course Convener: Dr Huda Tayob

Senior Tutor: Dr Ruth Sacks

Tutors: Heidi Lu and Gugulethu Mthembu 

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:// Release 1: Nov 2020






her favourite material

is skin of cow


gendered space

...always being a suspect in space



Mbalenhle Vilakazi

A caveat that is known by all who dare to occupy me

Tinotenda Ncube


Kelebogile Tshenye

we are all prisoners these days - yet in these timeless, nameless, quarantine 

Jodie Winterton

Debra Bhungeni

Masego Rakumakwe

Claudine Williams





lost in the black hole of my handbag again


Sanelisiwe Peta

Dylan Fernandes


Natalie Harper

Fathima Mula

Aadilah Bobat


KoTA vol. ii.

off course...

:// Release 2

coming soon



This year, History and Theory develops and builds on the success of 2019 which saw the launch a new history and theory programme at the GSA titled Methods, Fields and Archives designed by Dr Huda Tayob. The programme convenor is Dr Huda Tayob, and in 2020 she will be joined by Senior Tutor Dr Ruth Sacks, an award winning and widely published artist and academic. Heidi Lu, Gugulethu Mthembu and Israel Ogundare will offer additional academic support. AHT at the GSA is taught through 2 courses, an introductory methods course for all M1 students (AHT1) and an extended methodologies of architectural research course (AHT2) for all M2 students. AHT1 course develops and hones critical reading and writing skills through a seminar series which combines short creative and critical outputs on a weekly basis. Following the seminar series, students will choose a topic of interest covered in the seminars as the basis for an individual research essay. The course introduces students to a range of material which includes conventional architectural history and theory publications, along with manifestos, fiction, film and oral histories – all central to the recording, production and dissemination of architectural knowledge. Alongside seminars, AHT1 includes an inter-disciplinary lecture series with invited guest lecturers who will introduce their area of study, ranging from architecture, to architectural history, history, curating, art history, archaeology and anthropology among others. In Q3 the outcome is a student-led collective publication and curated exhibition at the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG), with theoretical and practical support from a series of workshops and masterclasses. AHT2 builds on the skills developed in AHT1; the focus here is on methodologies of architectural research, to prepare students for their individual M2 Major Design Project. History and Theory takes place over three quarters, spanning the June/ July break. A guiding emphasis is to question and interrogate how and where architectural knowledge is produced and re-produced.

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