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The Black Female Return

Black In Space. Mathenjwa, SS. Unit 18. 2020.

Siwelile Mathenjwa



Sarah De Villiers, Dr. Huda Tayob,

Naadira Patel, Adam Osman


18 - Hyperreal Prototypes


My work narrates the struggle of black female existence, finds ways to insert and make visible the black woman in space both in a South African and Egyptian Context.

This body of work serves as a manifesto, a political stance to black female bodies and how they experience space .This I achieve through a series of wearable prototypes that seek to retell the experience of black women in the city ,also incorporating performance art as a protest tool. I am creating an architecture of protest through wearable devices that seek to create visibility to the black woman that' s been blotted out of the city's spatial narrative. My medium being costume design and performance to disrupt masculine architectures and spark a conversation as to how to weave the black woman in this already dominant and patriarchal landscape.

Research Question:

How can the black female using certain pieces of clothing or adornment speak to dismantling?

patriarchal and masculine architectures. I am trying to re-introduce the black female body through acts of veiling, unveiling and adornment.

I am trying to create a lexicon through performing as a black woman to disrupt and protest masculine architectures in the city.


Black In Space. Mathenjwa, SS. Unit 18. 2020.

The Nubian Return, The Black Female Return performance. Mathenjwa,SS. Unit 18. 2020.

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