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The Institute of the Domestic 2.0

Cornel Hugo


Unit Choice Prize


Eric Charles Wright, Claudia Morgado, Mikara Naidoo


13 - L A T I T U D E


The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined so many aspects of what we were formerly ‘sure’ of. We are caught within a sudden climate of change. Our lives are increasingly taking place in virtual realms due to our (once) quarantined condition wherein technology extended our physical reach. Our social existence is being re-defined, our digital inter-connections are more present than our bodies and the places we  one travelled to have been relocated to devices within our homes.  

The Institute of the Domestic 2.0 is probably something you have already experienced. It  is a work of architecture that takes place ‘live’, in an online event where numerous physical domestic environments are brought together at once, constructing a collective and collaborative space that blurs the line between broadcast, stream, house-visit and domestic practice.

The project is sited at the interface where our bodies and communication technologies meet, the relationship of virtual and actual experiences of connectedness and disconnection.  By creating an architecture of plurality across different times, physical locations, broadcasts, recordings and live feeds, the project aims to uncover a new set of terms and programs for how the domestic processes of our lives have shifted in a time of intensified production, communication and information.

MDP: Series of iterative drawings of site that seeks to use / stretch and challenge architectural conventions in order to begin to describe what intimacy, privacy, public and domestic mean when they all converge. Hugo, C. Unit 13. 2020.

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