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The Engraved Stitches, the aftermath from the oppressed

Atiyyah Ameen



Sarah De Villiers, Dr. Huda Tayob, Naadira Patel


18 - Hyperreal Prototypes


This body of work uncovers and dissects certain aspects of a greater platform. Looking into the vulnerabilities of an architectural framework in terms of the formation, the drawing of, the making and unmaking of borders and territories.

The engraved stitch deals with the evident stitches and stitching found in communities and countries, at home and abroad, across borders and along borders and deals with issues that are reflected in the work. It comprises the unstitching and unravelling of the issues in order to understand and allow for a new found platform to be built.

The project outlines and questions the vulnerabilities within these borders and different forms of resistant architecture. The research deals with the haunting presence of ghostly forms from past and present warfares through the Northern Sinai Peninsula, along the route to the Rafah border. Allowing for the understanding and interrogation of such spatial and architectural forms will reveal the haunting displacement within these lines. The works highlight a variety of forms of resistance and smuggling, from the apparent tunnels to fortified walls and barricades to dilapidated housing and routes.

An engraved terror which plays along the balance of humane and inhumane is one which continues to engulf people, places and territories. The engravement of destructive and devastating infrastructure and facades play a vital role in the way architecture is seen. Through a scope of terror, fear and the unknown, a new age of architecture was built.