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Fabric Architecture: Between Overlap

Concept. Jele, N. Unit 17. 2020.

Nobubele Jele



Gregory Katz, Nico van Loggerenberg




The projects intents is to create transitional spaces for transitional people and rooms that are completely washable and changeable in abandoned buildings using waste fabric. Creating Spaces that speak to each individuals identity

Majority of our/immigrants are under the age of 35, and seek the Cbd as it offers easy access and jobs opportunities. South Africa is also facing a massive textile waste issue with over 60% of our textile waste being unaccounted for and a fashion industry that is both growing and contributing to waste through fast fashion trends. We are also facing a massive abandonment problem issue and as of march 2018 the city reported 438 abandoned / hijacked buildings, due to high renovation costs and other issues. This is important because of the current permanence of our building, and we can be the solution for waste issues and abandoned buildings in South Africa.

The project will explore Fabric as a speculative solution as it is both washable and temporary. This will be done through physical experiments with different fabrics to unpack the characteristics and possibilities of textiles in architecture as they have unique qualities because they are stretchable, versatile, the variety of different textures and colours.