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Re-imagining resilient Buffers in the Msimbazi River, Dar es Salaam

Tsaukani Masilela



Dr. Finzi Saidi, Jabu Absalom Makhubu, Dickson Adu Agyei, Mandy Schindler, Prof Antonio Tomas


15 X- Remembering public Space


Re-imagining Buffers explores the creation of a mutually beneficial space between the residents living along the Msimbazi River edge and the river itself. It investigates how to reclaim space without losing the memory, history and ownership of the site. Thus, the project will use the concept of buffers to keep the identity of the space and encourage its usage whilst eliminating the negative impacts that the users have on the space and the negative impact that the space has on the users. Negative impacts include the growing development close to the river and the environmental impacts the river has on its residents living too close to its edge.

There is a need to preserve and protect the river edge because of its ecological benefits. Therefore, it is important to allow the river to function as it would naturally. It is also important to allow for the natural edge to develop while allowing people to use the space as they please. Creating a buffer that prevents permanent living and building on the wetland but not preventing activities from taking place on the edge is a consideration, ultimately allowing the city to be interwoven with the mangrove forest.