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Amplifying the Forest

Mohamed Ismail



Dr. Finzi Saidi, Jabu Absalom Makhubu, Dickson Adu Agyei, Mandy Schindler, Prof Antonio Tomas


15 X- Remembering public Space


The aim of this project is to invite the public to the forest – to bring the knowledge and the life of the forest to the community. It aims to make the forest more accessible and make it a site for all who want to visit it.

The goal is for the site to become a sustainable and healthy forest that will be used as a research facility to gain information on the Pugu Tree, as there is little known about it. The aim is to learn whether the tree has any uses, traditionally and scientifically and to make these known.

One of the major interventions pertaining to the Pugu forest is the introduction of silviculture. This practice allows for the ethical cultivation of trees and protection of the environment. It provides the community with the skills and ability to protect the forest as it benefits them directly.
The journey through the forest will be a series of interventions connected with ramps and pathways that lead through the forest, all the way to the water basin. The pathways will be made from a series of reclaimed material, harvested from the forest.

The whole experience is based on the journey through the forest and the experience it provides as one encounters each point/activity. Each area has been inserted for a full forest experience.