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Institute of Myth and Material

Phitlhello Sedibe Omitted



Eric Charles Wright, Claudia Morgado, Mikara Naidoo


13 - L A T I T U D E


I feel like lasting examples of architecture are wrapped in this mythology and the story of the building takes on a life of its own. Maybe it's something that people in the town pass down to their children, justifying the existence of beloved buildings because of special circumstances. The buildings become part of the history and reference points of the town based on these conditions. To me this is the most beautiful accomplishment that an architect could make - to contribute a piece of a story to a town. - Jewel Barua

For my MDP I propose a book of atlases bound into a novelette, the atlases will be of sites where mythology is prevalent within the spatial practices of the people.
The book of the atalses of Myth depicts:
• Domestic landscapes that are used with myth as a main ideal.
• A collection of superstitions and theoretical practices in space.

More than stories, myths explain the inexplicable, order the seemingly unordered, and make palatable the otherwise unpalatable. Myths are evidenced in and born from both narrative and seemingly non-narrative sources; they are the collective tales which order our worlds. Some are products of long histories, so entangled in our understanding they are difficult to parse. Other myths emerge as rapidly as the ascendant hero.

Mihaylov (2016) Explains that: The responsibility to produce work that is true to the universe and life.. Work that embodies the beliefs and hopes of the people and conciliates the world that we see with our eyes to the world that we see with the soul's eye. To build bridges between what is within and what is without. Retelling and scenarios that relate to the landscape and the physical body. a dimension in which reality is literally placed in a state of crisis and re-invented, used as a surface onto which to project the ambitions, desires and expectations that have always constituted the sense of the urban dimension.