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The Institute of Oral Histories

Lesego Tsatsimpe



Eric Charles Wright, Claudia Morgado, Mikara Naidoo


13 - L A T I T U D E


This project proposes spaces of neutral grounds for exchanging dialogue. The space is created through the erasure of architecture that holds historical power within landscapes. The purpose of the erasure is to capture a new way of seeing landscapes through an immaterial museum that is about creating spaces for new conversations about how we remember the significant parts of our human history using traditional oral histories as a driver of these conversations.

The pandemic has forced the world to slow down and people have been confined to their private spaces. This slowness has removed the ability to ignore societal injustices and ongoing protests amongst many other for gender based violence, black lives matter and LGBQTI+ human rights. These movements stem from a need to recognize the underrepresented groups of people in a structured history that ostracized the marginalized.

This project is a critical response to the role of architecture pertaining to societal ills during a pandemic? Therefore, it is the intent of the proposal to start new conversations about what Architecture can do with societal memory and what the uncovering of the concealed, buried and discarded phenomena of our past can do for how we perceive our world currently.