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Maghreb Tarikh

Kamal Ranchod



Sumayya Vally


12R - An African Almanac

Perspective is defined as the ‘science of optics’ in which the art of drawing objects is used to give an‘ appearance of distance and depth. It originates from the root words ‘per’ which means ‘through’ and ‘specere’ defined as ‘look at’. We design space through drawings and models as an illustration of our perception of space. This in turn shapes the space and world around us.

My Major Design Project will explore the various methods of drawing construction that are linked to specific cultures from both Western and Eastern regions. My position is that by changing our perception, we can change the way we see, thus creating an alternate way of perceiving and shaping space. This study will specifically investigate drawings from Persian, and Moghul empires in contrast to perspective representation born out of the Renaissance.