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The Institute of the Anti-Anthropocene

Saanye Zahidi



Eric Charles Wright, Claudia Morgado, Mikara Naidoo


13 - L A T I T U D E



“I design worlds”

Young, L. (2019). Journal of futures studies, 23(3). -     


4 doors.


4 doorways.


4 doorways starting here and ending there.


Starting here. Here in the real world, in your home, in your room, on your chair, in front of your screen...


Ending there. In another world. A memory world, filled with natural landscapes. Natural landscapes devoid of humans.   


Natural landscapes that have fought man and his subsequent architecture. Landscapes that have defied the characteristics of the anthropocene era. 

Landscapes where speculation and myth is abundant and human intervention is scarce. Landscapes that are fast diminishing and in danger of being forgotten, and must therefore be carefully remembered, honoured and incorporated. 


Architecture that houses natural landscapes, instead of natural landscapes housing architecture. An architecture that defies the established norms and traditions of it’s practice and advocates for a new way of accessing and memorializing these natural landscapes. Thus, the Institute of the Anti-Anthropocene. This Institute cultivates a new way of thinking about how architects design and construct. 


This project is the design and construction of new doorways, that transport people through these doorways; some lead to other worlds, some are just doors in themselves, some are along thresholds of experience and realization. A parallel memory world where you breathe the natural landscapes, you learn from the natural landscapes, and you experience the natural landscapes.

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