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THE INSTITUTE OF SLOW FORMATION(S): A manual for slow and undisciplined practices

Kirsten Fouché



Eric Charles Wright, Claudia Morgado, Mikara Naidoo


13 - L A T I T U D E


I am a maker. I am interested in how hands and tools turn material into quality. These interests have become founding values of a new institute for architecture. The project is sited in the systems-landscape of architectural production. It is currently under construction in Boksburg, in my backyard where I have been, and continue to build, THE INSTITUTE OF SLOW FORMATION(S): A manual practice for slow and undisciplined architecture. 

The institute is made up of multiple parts that come together in one architecture. Their inter-relationships are crafted, slowly pursuing higher qualities. Each part has been made though iterative processes of misuse and MacGuyvery. This way of working with analysis and production simultaneously tracks a set of new logics that are documented in real time, as I make. These parts and the recorded logics are the materials that the institute is built with:values, acts of making, transcriptions across language and form, misused convention; an architecture of transposition, an analogue manual for large scale changes in architecture’s landscape of production.


Semester 1 formative works, collected moments of discovery. Fouché, K. Unit 13. 2020.

Hand-made architectures, parts for an institute. Fouché, K. Unit 13. 2020.

How hands make, processes to institute. Fouché, K. Unit 13. 2020.

Transcription; learning across languages. Fouché, K. Unit 13. 2020.

The Institute of Slow Formation(s), stop frame walkthrough. Fouché, K. Unit 13. 2020.

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