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A Directory of Hyperobjects

Izak Potgieter



Distinction, Examiner's Choice Award

Sarah De Villiers, Dr. Huda Tayob,

Naadira Patel, Adam Osman


18 - Hyperreal Prototypes



*Hyperobjects: Objects massively distributed in time and space, such as global warming, human destruction or legislation.

This project uses the tools and tactics of interactive media to alter the Grand Egyptian Museum into a video game, a directory of architectural devices capable of operating and monitoring the formless hyperobjects that have shaped the Giza plateau over millennia. Playing the game enables one to directly manipulate, control and even sabotage these architectural devices. Every action or inaction prints a trace onto a digitised Giza plateau.

The video game devices form an interactive landscape that a user could enter and manipulate, switching devices on and off, timing outcomes and reacting to triggers and events inside the game.

As a user moves through and interacts with the game’s devices they constantly trigger coded events. Cumulatively these events work to alter the digitised plateau and the game landscape.

To reckon with the enormous hyperobjects shaping our planet we need to visualise and alter hyperobjects. This project takes on this challenge, producing a directory of hyperobjects to give form to the formless forces that have shaped the Giza plateau over millennia.

Excavation Plotters. Potgieter, IF. Unit 18. 2020.

The Directory. Potgieter, IF. Unit 18. 2020.

Playthrough 01. Potgieter, IF. Unit 18. 2020.

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