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Gerald Titus


Distinction, Examiner's Choice Award


Eric Charles Wright, Claudia Morgado, Mikara Naidoo


13 - L A T I T U D E


Intending to purposely try and find tactics to escape institutional conformity the project investigates the in-between state of things. The in-between state of myself, a product of institutions, the Sedudu/Kasikili Island and architecture representation (generative drawing). In this project I drew from past experiences in a boarding school to derive and construct an architecture of tactical and covert methods to evade institutions. I began looking at a tactical way to organize a resistance on the Sedudu/Kasikili Island (an Island in a state of in-between).


The projects result in a series of scenarios that use real phenomena around the geologically complex Sedudu Island and imagined tactics and manoeuvres to evade the two institutions trying to claim and own it. Observing how things constantly change and overlap within my work, from my personal developments and institutional interest to the constant change of the main channel of Sedudu Island existing between two countries, the method of representation I used purposely exists between technical and non-technical ways to explore the ideas of being in an in-between state as an individual and the Island. The project within itself constantly battles with the boundary between real (technical) and imagined (non-technical) ways of the architect. As a way of extending the limits of the tools of the architect the work sometimes merges both.

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