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Institute for Border Translation

Short Narrative. Ndhlovu, F. Unit 13. 2020.

Franklin Ndhlovu



Eric Charles Wright, Claudia Morgado, Mikara Naidoo


13 - L A T I T U D E


The border is generally understood as a symbolic representation of a nation’s edge, the political line between the place you are from and the places around it, or the place you come from and the place you currently occupy. Reflecting on my own experiences of living as a migrant, while confined within the boundary of my suburb home in the city of Johannesburg, under first levels of intensified lockdown. 

My project proposes an architecture that happens at different moments, on route while crossing the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe. It is imagined as a compressed reality where both rural and urban conditions occupy the same work of architecture.

The project aims to develop new spatial terms of how borders could be re-defined within the production of architecture. 

Critical Practice Award

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