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Nuance Institute

Demi Bridgland



Eric Charles Wright, Claudia Morgado, Mikara Naidoo


13 - L A T I T U D E


The Nuance Institute has 9 rooms. All of these rooms are found living in the same room, my room As Similar to many other institutes, each room is programmed under ‘regulation’, but unlike most, this institute shifts from place to place almost invisibly. By altering the subtle nuances that define each characterized room, the work explores liminality, subtlety and unseen material shifts that are most commonly overlooked.

The project is sited at home, it is within a cottage. In this cottage is my study room. Since 17 March 2020 I have existed primarily within the world of this room, in a cottage, the place I live. I have learned to see new things, minute and banal. I am seeing how small things may result in larger effects, on me, on us, our minds and our experience.

One room, nine times the headspace. A process of defining nine rooms that live simultaneously in one.

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