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S L O W Growth Institute

Aaron Servant



Eric Charles Wright, Claudia Morgado, Mikara Naidoo


13 - L A T I T U D E


The S L O W Growth Institute is proposed as a mostly unprogrammed place and will be located among divided spaces. The ‘in-between’ is investigated through two scales: a historical line where buffer zones from South Africa’s history of separation and still evident in our social fabric, become sites of study and testing; and, at our current point of division, from simultaneously being physically isolated and digitally connected. This project is situated within the Unit 13 context of climate crisis and the on-going COViD-19 pandemic. 

The Institute is conceived as an architecture of possibility that reimagines the ways in which we see and how we think through drawing. New ways of seeing that imagine places of common ground from in-between and divided spaces.

The work intends to blur and blend our understanding of architecture, art and landscape over time, through an alternative imagining of the spatial development plan (SDP) and regional spatial development framework (RSDF). Three key techniques will be incorporated to produce this work: collage, dialogic drawing and surgery/suturing.

My aim is to colour the final unexpected and intentionally incomplete schemes with as much possibility as I can muster. 

I work as a cartographic surgeon and a landscape provocateur to slowly uncover moments of common ground from in-between space.


By-law Mediation within Company’s Garden & Foreshore Flyover. Servant, AT. Unit 13. 2020.

Narrated Visual Abstract of Slow Growth Institute. Servant, AT. Unit 13. 2020.

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